The Satanic Panic Documentary

Satanic Panic Documentary

My brother-in-law, David Swisher, recommended a documentary about the Satanic Panic to me. It features a gentleman known as the GeekPreacher investigating the Satanic Panic of the 1980s. He talks to several TSR gaming legends (including Tim Kask, Skip Williams, Larry Elmore, Luke Gygax, and more!) about the era and… Continue reading

Pathfinder Reflections


I remember how excited I was when Paizo first started putting out Pathfinder adventures/adventure paths for 3.5 (prior to Pathfinder 1st edition) and thinking they had something cool going on. The quality of the products were top-notch from the writing to the quality of the printed book itself. When Pathfinder… Continue reading

BadWrong Giving and Notre Dame


Recently, I have seen a few posts on Facebook shaming people who donated towards rebuilding Notre Dame instead of contributing that money to other causes, such as cleaning up the garbage in the Pacific or rebuilding the black churches that were victims of arson. While these are great causes to… Continue reading