A Bacon Love Song by ChatGPT

I was playing with ChatGPT tonight and I asked it to write a love song about bacon. I thought the result was pretty good! Verse 1:Sweet, salty, oh so divineBacon, you always make me shineFrom sunrise to sundown, I craveYour flavor and texture, I’ll always save Chorus:Bacon, oh bacon, my love will never fadeYou’re my heart’s desire, my morning paradeEvery sizzle and pop, makes my heart skip a beatTogether forever, our love will be complete Verse 2:In a sandwich, or on its ownYou’re the king of the breakfast throneFrom BLT’s to Club, you steal the showWith you, my love, I’ll… Read More

The Satanic Panic Documentary

Satanic Panic Documentary

My brother-in-law, David Swisher, recommended a documentary about the Satanic Panic to me. It features a gentleman known as the GeekPreacher investigating the Satanic Panic of the 1980s. He talks to several TSR gaming legends (including Tim Kask, Skip Williams, Larry Elmore, Luke Gygax, and more!) about the era and its effects. For me, I started playing Advanced Dungeons & Dragons 2nd edition around 1991 when I was in college. I knew there was some controversy, so at the time, I didn’t really talk about it to people outside of my friend group. I didn’t talk about it to my… Read More

The Captain America in Ukraine Story I Would Love to Write

Red Guardian and Captain America

I have this idea for a Captain America story in mind that I will never get to write. It centers around the Ukraine situation. I think it’s safe to say that Cap would want to take the first plane over there to defend Ukraine. However, the US government would ask him specifically not to go as his involvement could be seen as the involvement of America as a whole, thereby starting World War III. Cap hates this, but he sees the point. That’s when Bucky and Black Widow come up and say, “Don’t worry, Cap, we got this.” As Bucky… Read More

9/11 – 20 Years Later: A Retrospective


I’ve had it in my head of what I wanted to write about today. And as I sit here watching footage of the firefighters, I’m rethinking it. I process things by writing, so please bear with me. On that day, we were all Americans. Not Democrats or Republicans. We stood together as one. As horrific as the attacks were, I felt a sense of pride of being an American. Hell, we were all New Yorkers too. America was at war, but it was a very different type of war than we had ever seen. It wasn’t against a nation; it… Read More

My Experience With Legend of the Five Rings


I got into the Legend of the Five Rings (L5R) tabletop RPG through the 3e version of Oriental Adventures. I got the Rokugan d20 book and a few other d20 books. During that time, I read a ton of the fiction on the FFG website. Some good, some so-so. I got into Heroes of Rokugan, the organized play version. They used the L5R 2e rules (with some 1e thrown in). I’ve had mixed experiences from this. I liked every other game, meaning I didn’t like half of them. L5R is great if you want a Japanese-inspired RPG, but you have… Read More

Klyden: A great character?


I have an unpopular opinion regarding Klyden, but I think it’s fairly spot on. I think Klyden is a great character. That’s not to say a LIKABLE character. Fan reaction in this group is proof enough of that. The reason I say he’s a great character is that he has caused an emotional response among fans, perhaps more so than any other character on the ship. Yes, he’s flawed. He’s incredibly biased and indoctrinated into the ways of his people. Klyden also brings up the question of the morality of the Moclans. He’s the face of their society So do… Read More

Operation Iceberg: My Dad’s Ship During the Battle of Okinawa


April 1st, 1945 was the Battle of Okinawa in World War II. It was an Easter Sunday, just like today. It was the day that my dad, Floyd Whiteman, was injured in World War II, earning him the Purple Heart. A kamikaze plane dropped a 20mm tracer shell on the auxiliary engine room escape hatch cover. Dad was a radio man on the ship, repeating the captain’s orders over the horn for his shipmates to hear. Of the four men and one dog wounded, Dad took the brunt of it. Five men tried to hold him down while they took… Read More

A long time ago in a college town not so far away…

Starfinder Cover

I was just beginning to play D&D. It was the 90s, and AD&D 2nd edition had only been out a couple of years. My buddy Patrick Stutzman was running his homebrew game, which we called the Alliance (short for Trevor Interstellar Alliance). The Alliance game was a hodge-podge of sorts, drawing inspiration from many sources (GURPS, Star Wars, Star Trek, Babylon 5, and beyond). Our characters served first aboard a starship, then aboard a space station orbiting my character’s home planet, Hyrkul. Basically, the Alliance was the equivalent to Starfleet in Star Trek, with some differences. Hyrkul was a world… Read More

Chewbacca: A New Direction, A Better Story


I am assuming at this point that anyone who intended to see Star Wars: The Force Awakens has seen it by now. That being said, SPOILERS BELOW! The novel Vector Prime by RA Salvatore launched a new era in the Star Wars universe by launching the New Jedi Order story arc, wherein the galaxy is invaded by the Yuuzhan Vong, an alien species who used an advanced form of biotechnology. It was also a huge novel for doing the unthinkable, namely killing a classic Star Wars character, Chewbacca. Now Disney has relegated the entire Expanded Universe to now be part… Read More

The Ideal Athlete

In my ideal world, the athlete would be a different fellow than what we know now. He would be a role model, someone that children could look up to. As a role model, the athlete would be involved in his community. He isn’t perfect, nor do we expect him to be, but he is someone that fans could look at and say, “You know what? He’s a good joe.” Read More