Deva Heritage: Elan

The exact origins of elan devas are unknown. Some say that a special enclave of deva, known as the Cullers, seeks out deva with psionic potential. Those who pass the screening process undergo a ritual that causes them to be reborn in the next lifetime with psionic powers.

Physical Description: Elan devas tend to have chalk white skin with dark patterns on their bodies. Unlike other devas, elan devas have red hair. They also tend to wear red clothing.

Language: Elans speak Common and may choose two other languages. Elans are known for adding phrases to their speech from other tongues, such as orc curses, halfling culinary terms, elven musical expressions, dwarven military phrases, and so on.

Elan Titles: Elan devas use a set of titles among themselves to help identify their life’s path after rebirth. Newly reborn elans in the heroic tier are called Newmade. Those elan who have progressed to paragon levels take on the title of Made. Then those who advance to epic levels are known as Eternal.

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