Farewell, Slice of SciFi

Dear podcast friends,

It is with a heavy heart that I have decided to unsubscribe from Slice of Scifi. It was one of the first podcasts that I listened to and has been such a part of my life for years. I no longer feel like it is the show it once was. I have a few reasons for this that I will outline below.

First, I believe that any great endeavor in fandom revolves around community. You take care of your fans, invite them to participate. That was the magic of Slice. I had a podcast family. Everyone could participate. Heck, even Fox Leader got a voice. That time is gone. The only way your calls get on is if they are solicited or your comments happen to match what the show topic is about.

Second, the Powers That Be do not communicate with their fan base. I’ve seen this come into play with other businesses as well. Wizards of the Coast put out D&D 4th edition, and changed the Forgotten Realms for the worse. The result was that Paizo Publishing came out with the highly successful Pathfinder game. The reason for their success was that they communicated with their fans. Now WotC is playing catch-up, trying to regain their audience and moving the Realms forward with a reset of sorts.

Third, I have seen too many of my friends leave Slice recently, some of which was not by their choice. When Evo Terra left, at least there was an announcement, as it should have been. But with recent departures, there’s not be any sort of recognition. That’s wrong. While I respect Michael R. Mennenga for his technical expertise, voice talent, and for being a podcast pioneer, it was the group as a whole that made the show great.

I want to thank everyone who has been a Slice host (and I apologize if I missed anyone!), including Evo Terra, Brian Brown, Tim Adamec, Joe Fiore, Sam Roberts, Bret Fillipek, and Ben Ragunton. I wanted to say a huge thank you as well to the many volunteers who contributed to Slice, including (but not limited to!) Michael Hickerson, Sam Sloan, Kurt from St. George (Curtain St. George?), Theloneous Sweetleaf, Sean from Edwards, and especially Nigel Blackwood and Scott Purdy for their work on the Multiverse News.

And speaking of Ben, I wanted to give him a special shout out. He was placed in a bit of an impossible situation, and despite that, he tried very hard to make the best of it. I am glad to have come to know him as a friend.

If I missed anyone, I apologize. There just were so many people involved that made the show so great. I thank everyone who made Slice the podcast powerhouse that it was.

Thank you, my friends. I wish circumstances were different, but I find the show has changed so much that I can no longer listen. What is important, though, isn’t the show or the medium. It’s friends. I have to say that I am proud to call so many of you old Slice fans my friends. I hope that we meet again in the podosphere.

Trampas Whiteman

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  1. HI Trampas! I spent 2013-14 down the rabbit hole of eldercare, then dealing with the inevitable outcome & changes. I found myself on a different coast & finally back to my podcasts. What a surprise! Slice of SciFi is just Summer Brooks. Even the B5 podcast had more than one person. What happened? And you’re right. I loved the contributions from everyone. It’s so much more silent now.

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