Broadcasting: A Farewell


I had grown up watching WKRP in Cincinnati. Loved the show. The characters were great, and who didn’t want to be Dr. Johnny Fever? It wasn’t until high school, though, that I fell in love with broadcasting. I was approaching my senior year, and had already taken some journalism classes. I got the chance to tour KMOS-TV and KCMW-FM at Central Missouri State University (CMSU) around my senior year. It was love at first sight. I knew from that moment what I wanted to do with my life. I was going to be a broadcaster. I spent over three years… Read More

Gaming in the ‘Verse: The Unification War


BROWNCOAT (Trampas): “Michaels, you take point. Smith, you’re with me. Okay, let’s go!” OFFICER (James): Freeze, Browncoats! Lay down your weapons. Nobody moves! BROWNCOAT (Trampas): Well, now. Looks like we’re gonna have ourselves all sorts of fun. SFX: Gunfire. The ‘verse is a vast place, filled with all sorts of adventure. Though most adventures take place flying a rusty old boat from world to world on the Rim looking to find the next job, there are other ways to adventure in the ‘verse as well. Six years before the Firefly TV series, the ‘verse was at war. It would later… Read More

Gaming in the ‘Verse: Send in the Clones


Author’s Note: This is the script for the final, unaired Gaming in the ‘Verse segment. The producer at the time was a noted atheist who took exception to me using the phrase “playing God.” I, in turn, felt the phrase was very important to the script. Unfortunately, this conflict led to me leaving the Signal podcast. Mal rounded the corner, Zoe and Jayne right behind him. Entering the lab, the trio spotted the scientist they were hired to “retrieve.” “Ah, so good of you to join us, Mister Reynolds. You’ll have to forgive me, though. I already had guests.” Mal… Read More

Gaming in the ‘Verse: The Hired Gun


“Cash looked at the man on the ground, throwing him a gun. “Get up, you gorram piece of gos se. Go on, grab the gun! When I kill you, I want you to die looking me in the eye with steel in your hand.” -Cash Younger, hired gun The Black can be a dangerous place. No tellin’ who’s aiming to put a slug in your back. One minute, it might be your enemy; next it might be your friend. Best that you have someone to take on the opposition. Yer gonna need a hired gun. The hired gun is the… Read More

Gaming in the ‘Verse: The Gearhead


FLAVOR TEXT (female voice [Miranda?], perky) “Now no need to fret, cap’n. Everything’s shiny. We just blew a stabilizer circuit. I’ve bypassed it through the Jensen board. She’ll run a little hot, but she’ll see you home. Just don’t be pulling any Crazy Ivans!” -Tawnie Malone, ship mechanic ANNOUNCER (male voice): Gearheads live in a world of machines, more at home in an engine room than anywhere else. Gearheads keep the ship flying, even when it has no business doing so. Your ship may not be a technological marvel like an Alliance ship, but you wouldn’t have it any other… Read More

Gaming in the ‘Verse: The Red Shirt


“Aye, cap’n, I’ll be happy to lead the charge!” -John Smith, Red Shirt – exactly 17 seconds before his untimely demise. A good captain will have a crew with a variety of talents. You’ve got your pilot, your hired gun, your companion, your gearhead, your medic. Yep, you’re all set. But who the hell is that guy over there in the red shirt? Oh yeah, that’s right. Dave. You save him for the special missions. The Red Shirt is cannon fodder. Mr. Expendable himself, he has no permanent role aboard your crew. You don’t need him; he’s just a flunky…. Read More

Gaming in the ‘Verse: Playing a Shepherd


Out in the Black, every man has to look to himself to survive. The Alliance surely won’t look after you, and nobody else has your back. It’s just you and the ‘verse, as it was meant to be. God? Some folk talk about God, as if he will whisk you away from the way of things into a never-neverland. Me? I just have my sidearm and my ship, two things that are a might bit more real, and reliable. -Jeb McMillan, Former Browncoat Chaplain The shepherd has his work cut out for him. In an unscrupulous world filled with killers,… Read More

Gaming in the ‘Verse: The Medic


“The bad news, captain, is that he’s dead. The good news is that we can fetch a hefty price for his organs on the black market. What? Why is everyone looking at me like that?” -Sebastian Keller, street doctor In the Serenity ‘verse, there remains but one constant: you’re gonna get shot. Joss Whedon never pulled a punch, and neither should the game master. Eventually, your crew is going to be shot, maimed, impaled, or have the great fun of contracting a disease. Every good captain knows that you’re gonna need a medic. The medic serves that all-too-important function of… Read More

Gaming in the ‘Verse: The Adventure Begins


Trampas: Okay, James, roll a 4-sider…. James: Wait, which one is the 4-sider? Trampas: It’s that triangle-shaped one. Carolyn (impatient): Can I attack now? Trampas: Yes, just wait until your initiative. Carolyn: What’s initiative? Trampas: (frustrating scream) Have you ever been in this situation? You’ve watched Firefly and thought it would be fun to play in one of those role-playing games you’ve heard about. You found a group to play with, but the rules read like Greek and the game master is none too forgivin’ to greenhorns. So what do you do? The Serenity Role-Playing Game can be a lot… Read More

Gaming in the ‘Verse: The Gambler


“I do believe, Mr. Barrett, that a Royal Flush beats your two pair. Now if you would kindly hand over the deed to that little asteroid mine of yours, I’ll be on my way.” -Jack Leland, high stakes gambler The Gambler enjoys living life on the edge. Everything in life is a game to the gambler, from lovin’ to livin’. Living a life on the boundaries, it is no wonder that the Gambler makes his way to the rim, playing the games that can only be found on the border worlds, and outside of Alliance control. Money buys freedom, and… Read More