Pathfinder Reflections

Pathfinder 1e Core Rulebook

I remember how excited I was when Paizo first started putting out Pathfinder adventures/adventure paths for 3.5 (prior to Pathfinder 1st edition) and thinking they had something cool going on. The quality of the products were top-notch from the writing to the quality of the printed book itself.

When Pathfinder 1st edition came about, I was pleased with the changes that made the game better. It was truly D&D 3.75 in spirit, if not in name. I collected a LOT of sourcebooks, adventure paths, and standalone adventures. These were the days of my gaming hoarding, and my bookshelves overflowed.

Eventually, I realized that Pathfinder wasn’t quite the system I wanted. It was a bit too much. Yet as I was looking at game systems, I looked at one of my favorite old-school D&D clones, Castles & Crusades. Where Pathfinder was too much, C&C was too little. And we won’t talk about D&D 4e.

Then D&D 5e came out, and I was hooked. I found my D&D system of choice.

Meanwhile, Paizo released Pathfinder 2nd edition. I saw no reason to get it, as I was happy with D&D 5e. Plus, RPG books were getting more and more expensive. I thought it was a good time for a break.

Yet now Paizo has announced two products that have caught my attention. Abomination Vaults is going to have a 5e compiled version. I want to support this as I want more Pathfinder for 5e. Then they’re putting out an anniversary edition of Crown of the Kobold King. This adventure compiles three 3.5-era adventures and updates them to Pathfinder 2e.

Suddenly, I find myself missing the world of Golarion. I don’t really want to use the Pathfinder 2nd edition rules, but I do miss the setting. A part of me wishes that Paizo would return to their roots and put out 5e-compatible products for Pathfinder, but that’s likely not going to happen as they have their own house system.

So maybe I will set foot upon the world of Golarion again someday. That day, though, seems to be in the distance.

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