The Captain America in Ukraine Story I Would Love to Write

I have this idea for a Captain America story in mind that I will never get to write. It centers around the Ukraine situation.

I think it’s safe to say that Cap would want to take the first plane over there to defend Ukraine. However, the US government would ask him specifically not to go as his involvement could be seen as the involvement of America as a whole, thereby starting World War III.

Cap hates this, but he sees the point. That’s when Bucky and Black Widow come up and say, “Don’t worry, Cap, we got this.”

As Bucky and Natasha go over there, they have to run into the Winter Guard, of course! Red Guardian should feature prominently here, as he can almost symbolize the Soviet era. There should be some sort of battle, of course. In typical comic book fashion, it turns out to be a misunderstanding.

Winter Guard
Winter Guard

The Winter Guard, formerly known as the Soviet Super-Soldiers, followed orders at first, but discovered they had been lied to. So now they’re trying to help the Ukraine people in secret.

At some point in here, a new hero arises. A hero for Ukraine. Someone patriotic, but not a Cap ripoff. He or she will get some training and aid from Cap, though not directly. Heck, I could see Cap even taking on a new identity and then he surprises everyone when he shows up.

I don’t have much beyond that, as the Ukraine situation is still unfolding. I’ll never get to write it as I am no Marvel writer and likely never will be. But that’s my Cap story.

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